Established in 2006, the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (CSLS) promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to the study and practice of law. It proceeds on the premise that law can not exist in isolation from other social phenomena. It must therefore be approached and applied in context. The CSLS seeks to mainstream the understanding and application of law with reference to its social, economic, cultural and political environment. We believe that the challenge of underdevelopment and the various social vices that dog our nation’s attempts at development are traceable to failure to create innovative solutions or responses or to adapt the received laws and procedures in a manner consistent with our needs, culture and experience.

The Centre played a leading role in developing the Evidence Act 2011. It collaborated with the Federal Ministry of Justice and the National Assembly in modernising the Nigerian Evidence Act 2011. The innovations in the Evidence Act 2011 were mostly drafted and recommended by the Centre for inclusion in the Evidence Act 2011.

The Centre was the leading organisation that provided non-partisan and technical support for the Federal Ministry of Justice in developing the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 (ACJA). Upon request by the 7th National Assembly, the Centre supplied the technical support for the legislative process without which the passage of the Act would not have been possible. Indeed, the majority of the innovative provisions of the Act post-2012 targeted at solving the problems of delay of justice were first proposed by the Centre. The Act has been hailed as the most significant improvement in the criminal justice sector of the country since Independence.

The original version of the ACJA was however first drafted by a leading civil society advocate, Chinonye Obiagwu while he was the chairman of the National Working Group for the Reform of Criminal Justice, 2003.







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